Car rental

Volvo S90 B5 Diesel AWD

Introducing the 2023 Volvo S90 – a combination of elegance and modernity. With a powerful 235-horsepower, 2.0 diesel engine, this sedan delivers not only comfort but also a dynamic ride. Equipped with an automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive, the Volvo S90 combines luxury with excellent road traction. Rent this model to experience the harmony of design and performance at an exceptional level.

Price list

1 to 3 days: 135€ per day

4 to 7 days: 120€ per day

7 to 14 days: €100 per day

Over 14 days: 85€ per day

Mileage limits: – Daily limit: 250 km – Weekly limit (when renting for 7 days): 1300 km

Deposit 400€

Fee for exceeding the kilometer limit: €0.30 for each additional kilometer.