Guides to Costa Blanca

List of top 10 attractions on the Costa Blanca

👉Castillo de Santa Bárbara – a castle in Alicante, with beautiful views of the city and the sea

👉 Tabarca Island – a picturesque island with beautiful beaches and a historic settlement

👉 Sierra de Mariola National Park – a beautiful national park with scenic landscapes and hiking trails

👉Guadalest – a picturesque village, located on top of a cliff, with beautiful views and a castle

👉Terra Mítica – a popular amusement park with attractions for the whole family

👉Canelobre Caves – beautiful caves with amazing rock formations

👉Las Salinas de Torrevieja – salty lakes, surrounded by pink salt pans that create beautiful landscapes.

👉Algar Waterfalls – beautiful waterfalls, perfect for a relaxing day in nature

👉Castillo de Guadalest – a beautiful castle with great views of the countryside

👉Little and beautiful places such as beautiful beaches, picturesque towns and many other places waiting to be discovered.