Guides to Sicily

Savoca – The city of wine and… “The Godfather”!

Among the green hills, where lemons ripen in the sun, lies Savoca, a town that has become a cinematic symbol of Sicily. Here, where each street seems to tell its own story, the sense of the past is almost tangible.

Chapter I: Bar Vitelli

Entering the town’s main square, Piazza Fossia, one is immediately struck by Bar Vitelli. The place, although it has changed its décor over the years, is still bustling with the life and memory of Coppola and his team. Inside, I encounter relics from the film at every turn: photos, props, a family tree of the film family. In the background I hear melodies from “The Godfather.” I sit down at a table, ordering a lemon granita, and for a moment I stop in time. And while tourists are attracted by the movie’s fame, for locals it’s still a place for meetings and daily conversations.

Chapter II: San Nicolò Church

The Church of San Nicolò, rising majestically above the town, is an architectural gem. Its stone walls and modest interior witnessed the cinematic wedding of Michael and Apollonia. Walking through its surroundings, you can feel the spirit of the old days, when life was lived to the rhythm of tradition and religion.

Chapter III: Savoca behind the scenes

Savoca is not just “The Godfather,” however. Strolling through its cobblestone streets, I discover a rich history that extends far beyond the movie frames.

Not far from the center, hides one of the most intriguing attractions – the Capuchin Monastery. It is here, in the underground crypts, that visitors can see the well-preserved mummies of monks that bear witness to a bygone era. This somber but fascinating part of Savocy’s history is a unique testament to local funeral traditions.

Hiking further, we reach the ruins of a medieval castle that once proudly towered over the town. Although only fragments of it remain today, you can still feel the atmosphere of the old days. The ruins offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding area, which attracts many history and photography enthusiasts.

Chapter IV: A colorful mosaic of ceramics

Savoca is also a center of local crafts. The town has numerous stores and workshops where local artists create traditional Sicilian ceramics. Each product, from colorful vases to painted plates, is a reflection of Sicily’s rich culture.

Chapter V: Tastes of Savocy

Savoca tempts not only with its history, but also with its culinary experience. In local trattorias you can enjoy traditional Sicilian dishes, prepared according to old family recipes. We especially recommend trying local wines and olive oil, which are the pride of the region.

Chapter VI: Savoca today

Leaving Savoca, I get the impression that this is a place where history and the present work together in harmony. Although the movie “The Godfather” brought fame to the town, its real charm lies in the daily life of the residents, the quiet corners and the smell of freshly brewed coffee at Bar Vitelli. Savoca is not just a piece of cinematic history, it is a lively town that pulsates in the heart of Sicily.